Access If arriving Brattvåg from south on road 659 continue for 2.5 km after having entered the 50 km/h zone. Immediately after you have passed the Coop store and the "Ingebrikt Davik-huset" (on your right hand side) turn left. Then continue on the Storgata road for another 250 metres. Just before a small bridge, after having passed the Brattvåg primary school, turn left again. Drive upwards (south) for 1.8 km, passing the Brattvåg football stadium. Find parking where the road ends, by a rack of post boxes. There is room for one or two cars next to the post boxes, or alternatively you can find room for one car if you continue another 20 metres to your left.
From the rack of post boxes walk 50 metres to your left (east). Walk past the first garage you see on your right hand side (walk on its left side), and you will locate a path in boggy terrain.
Altitude [m] 112
Location Fjellbu location




UTM: 32 V 368591 6942148
Lat/Lon: N62°35'12.1" E6°26'28.6"
Description The houses at Fjellbu are located along the north ridge that runs from Skulstadhornet. There are several trail heads from various places along the road called Fjellbu, but all the paths come together at some point before you get above the forest.
Main photo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJolgrøhornet  The trail head at Fjellbu.
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