Access If arriving Brattvåg from south on road 659 take first left, approximately 100 metres after the start of the 50 km/h zone. Drive 100 metres up to the T-junction, turn left, and then turn right. You are at the Tryggheim kindergarten's car park, where you can park. During daytime Monday-Friday it is recommended that you ask for permission to park here. The trail head can be found at the far (south-west) corner of the car park.
Altitude [m] 30
Location Håvikmyrane location




UTM: 32 V 369049 6941571
Lat/Lon: N62°34'54.1" E6°27'02.3"
Description The car park by the north end of lake Synnalandsvatnet is the most popular trail head for the BIL-trim hikes, and is an excellent starting point for visits to most of the registration points.
Lake Synnalandsvatnet is one of two lakes (the other being Gjersetvatnet further south) that is part of the regulated lakes feeding the Brattvåg hydroelectric power station located in Brattvåg centre.
Main photo Håvikmyrane  The trail head at Håvikmyrane, by the kindergarten.
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