Alt. names  
Municipality Haram (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 283
Primary factor [m] 0
Secondary factor [km] 0
Value (points) 3
Location UTM: 32 V 368342 6940045
Lat/Lon: N62°34'03.9" E6°26'17.1"

The name of this registration point is inherited from the path going up from the north end of lake Gjersetvatnet to where this registration point is located; "Tannlegeråsa" (the dentist's path). It is uncertain who has baptised this path, but why it is named "Tannlegeråsa" is clear:

In his youth Svein Hellandsvik used the mountains surrounding Brattvåg frequently, both for recreation and physical exercise. After finishing school Svein left Brattvåg to study odontology. When he moved back to Brattvåg to work as a dentist he brought with him his wife from Oslo. Svein wanted to share the fine mountains and hikes around Brattvåg with his wife, and on one of their hikes they were planning to descend from Håvikskaret to the dam at the north end of Gjersetvatnet. Svein had done this route on several occasions, but not recently. But this first trip for Svein's wife didn't turn out as expected; they took the wrong route and ended up having to fight bush and boulder, and ended up far north of Gjersetvatnet. Svein decided that this was not going to happen again, not to anyone, and together with fellow dentist Per Sønderland they set out to mark the path between Håvikskaret and Gjersetvatnet.

Soon people started to name the path according to the occupation of the two men who had marked this path, and this name has now become an "official" name of both the path and the registration point at Håvikskaret ("Tannlegepostkassa" - Dentist's registration point).

Main photo Tannlegepostkassa  Tannlegepostkassa seen from north.
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From Fjellbu
From Synnalandsvatnet-south
From Håvikhornet
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