Urfjellet from Reme to Ringstad via Bergetindane


Estimated net time 4-5 hours
Difficulty The traverse of Bergetindane is a hike on a narrow ridge and hence offers exposure. You should have second thoughts before you take on this traverse on wet rock.
When walking Bergetindane from south to north there are two points of particular interest, located very close to each other at the south end of the ridge.
The first point requires some climbing moves, but isn't very exposed. The second point is only a few metres north of the climbing section; this point is technically easy but offers a great deal of exposure.
Drinking water Only proper access to running water from Ringstadelva almost at the end of the hike.
GSM coverage Coverage throughout the route (August 2008).
Parking Room for several cars at trail head. Room for maximum two cars where the hike ends at Ringstad.
Start height 65 metres
Vertical metres 795 metres for the roundtrip
Trip distance 9.0 km
GPS-file X
Route photo  Route from Remefjellet towards Remeheia.


This south-to-north traverse of Bergetindane requires two cars; one at either end of the route. However, this hike can be done by traversing Bergetindane in both directions, and then walking back down to the car at Reme.

To get to the place where you leave your second car, and the end of the hike, follow the directions below until you are through the two tunnels. From here drive downhill for 1.1 km and turn right towards "Hellandhamn". Drive 3.9 km, and you will have a small place to park your car on the right hand side of the road. This is approximately 100 metres before you cross Ringstadelva.

From Ålesund drive road E39 towards Åndalsnes. Turn left onto road 661 towards Tennfjord/Vatne/Brattvåg at Digerneset and continue for 8.7 km until you get to the intersection of roads 661 and 659 at Eidet (by Tennfjord). There is a toll booth 1.6km after leaving road E39 (NOK 30, August 2008). At the Eidet intersection turn left, and continue on road 659 towards Brattvåg for 7.2 km. After the second of the two tunnels continue another 300 metres, and turn right on the first exit. 80 metres later turn right again, and find parking close to the sign directing you towards "Remefjellet".

Start walking in the direction of the sign and follow this gravel road for approximately 200 metres and turn right onto a grassy forest road. Follow this road uphill for 1.5 km, until you see a standing stone marked by a red "F" where a path forks off to the left (north). Follow this path north to 550 metres, and then turn right (east) towards the small plateau called Remeheia. Continue on this path towards the east ridge of Urfjellet, and then follow the path to the summit.

From Urfjellet summit continue west down to the grassy slopes. Follow the wide ridge, gradually turning north, until you reach the much more narrow ridge; Bergetindane. Walk down to the first proper col, showing some care on the moss in the steep terrain. From the col you are faced with a narrow ridge above you. The easiest place to climb onto this ridge is by first climbing onto a small shelf, partly covered by juniper. From here you climb vertically up onto the ridge. This climb requires 5-6 moves. When you're on the ridge continue a few metres, and walk on the right hand side of a large piece of rock obstructing your way. There are good hand-holds here, and two small shelves where you can put your feet. This is not a place to be if you suffer from vertigo, since there is a drop of several hundred metres down to your right.

After this point you follow the ridge towards north, staying on the top of the ridge all the way. When you get to a metal pole you have reached the end of the ridge, and if you are descending by going back to the car this is the place to turn around. If you plan to continue down to Ringstad follow the steep ridge down towards north-west. There are traces of paths here, but nothing very well defined. When you get down to the flat wet plain make sure you aim right (east) of the small hill Ringstadnakken. Follow counter clockwise around this small hill and you will soon be where you left your second car.



17. August 2008

A gorgeous and warm Sunday, and I was stuck at home with a sore foot! What a nightmare. But because my mind was suffering even more than my foot because of lack of activity I decided to have a go at "something". I asked Elisabeth if she fancied doing Bergetindane, which I did nine years ago but she hadn't done yet, and she was on.

In order to ease the strain on my left foot I decided to bring my telescope poles, and this turned out to be a very wise move; already on our way along the forest road up from Reme I could feel that by using the poles I was able to reduce the weight and strain on the foot.

After leaving Reme at 11:30 we did and OK pace up to the highest point of the forest road. Then onto the path leading up towards Urfjellet, including a couple of stops for hydration. The view from Urfjellet was excellent, and we spent quite a while taking photos, signing the guest book, and enjoying the views. Then onwards towards Bergetindane and the most enjoyable part of the hike.

After having walked down towards west from Urfjellet, down the boulder section, we gradually headed north across the green plains towards the rugged Bergetindane ridge. As we started to head north I noticed a steep gully coming up from east where it seemed possible to ascend Bergetindane and Urfjellet; maybe something for the future.

We walked down into the first col of the Bergetindane ridge, on relatively firm moss. I immediately recognised, from my previous hike across Bergetindane nine years ago, that getting up from this col is the place where you have to do some climbing. I therefore stopped in the col in order to take photos of Elisabeth climbing up this section, which she did in fine style. I was next, and this certainly is a very enjoyable little climb with almost no exposure since you are climbing partly inside the mountain. I also remembered from my hike nine years ago, that after this climb you get to a very exposed place where you have to climb around a rock on the inside of the ridge. Back then I did have some issues with this move, but I have come a long way in terms of both scrambling and hiking since then, and this time I neither had any hesitations nor trouble getting past this point.

From this point we walked along the ridge, almost a bit disappointed that there weren't any more sections we would have to scramble or climb. We then headed down the north-west ridge of Bergetindane, before making our way across the flat section along the stream coming down from Ringstadbotnen. In the forest down towards the car we found some chantarelle, but really had hopes to find enough for a proper post-hike snack.

Photos 17.08.2008