Yes, I know there are a number of other mountain web-sites, but since I have been documenting my mountaineering and hiking activities for a while, I thought it might be a good idea to share also my "adventures". Just like I'm benefitting from finding information at other sites, I might be able to contribute to others who want to explore Haram, as well as other areas I have visited.

This site basically covers all mountains and hikes I have visited, wherever that might be. Since I live in Haram I will obviously have more detailed coverage of Haram mountains and hikes than other areas. This does in particular hold true for the area around Brattvåg. However, there is one exception; the area of Sykkylven/Stranda is an area I visit frequently, both winter and summer, and hence will have a fair share of this site's mountain and hiking descriptions.

This site has no strict definition of the word "mountain". Hence one can find records of mountains with really low primary factor, e.g. Håvikhornet with primary factor of only 14 metres. There can be several reasons why I have included mountains with such low primary factor, and for the case of Håvikhornet it is quit clear; for the citizens of Brattvåg Håvikhornet is a much more frequently visited mountain than the higher mountain Skulstadhornet (10 metres higher and located only 250 metres further south). Also, Håvikhornet can be seen from Brattvåg, whereas Skulstadhornet is hidden behind Håvikhornet.

I have decided to write in English, which is not my native language; it didn't seem right to use neither the Danish-like language I have been brought up with, nor the Esperanto-inspired language written locally (NOTE). Also, English is a de facto standard if you want to communicate to a broad group of people across country borders, which includes any non-Scandinavian speaking persons who might visit "my" part of the world, either as tourists or working here for a period of time.

You might be interested in other mountain web-sites. If so, I recommend:
- Westcoastpeaks (High quality route descriptions, and extensive trip reports incl. very nice photos. Mainly western Norway, but also other parts of the world.)
- Fjellinordvest (Lots of route descriptions for north-west Norway, in Norwegian)
- Petter Bjørstad's site (Extensive list of route descriptions, from around the world)
- Peakbagger (Loads of lists and mountain information)
- Peaklist (More lists)

And these are some useful map links:
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