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I have tried (but potentially not always succeeded) to be consistent in various mountain terms I have used on haramfjell.com. This document aims to define and explain some of these words and terms.

Note that this section is in no way yet complete!!

A col is a saddle or gap on a ridge, but differs from a saddle in that it is steeper (usually on both sides) and usually doesn't have very big heights on either side. A col also typically has a gully leading up to it.

A crux is the most difficult point on a route. You might find that route descriptions use "crux #1" and "crux #2" to denote the e.g. two most difficult points on a route.

A gully is a narrow valley eroded by water.

A saddle is the low area between two slopes, typically the bottom of the U-shape between two mountains.

Saddle point
A saddle point is the lowest point on a saddle.