Alt. names  
Municipality Vestnes (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 314
Primary factor [m] 266
Approx. point 32 V 396509 6945024 - located to the south-west, close to the junction between road 661 and Nyjordvegen.
Secondary factor [km] 4.2
Approx. point 32 V 398810 6942925 - located to the south, on the north slopes of the Trolltinden massif.




  UTM: 32 V 400116 6946959
    Lat/Lon: N62°38'23.0" E7°03'06.5"

Åsnakken is a small forest hill located north in Vestnes municipality, north-west of Helland centre. You will not have a 360° panorama view from any single point, but by moving around the summit ridge you will get fine views in most directions.
Identifying the very highest point can be a bit tricky, but the highest point above the man-made wooden shelter can be assumed to be the summit.
Åsnakken is a popular hiking target, and you will find many paths leading to the summit. You will also find registration points at both the south-west and north-east ends of the summit ridge.

Main photo  Åsnakken seen from Fiksdalsstranda.
Routes Åsnakken from Åsbygda
Panorama 130° north-west annotated (30.01.2011)
Visits 30.01.2011