Beinn Bhan


Alt. names  
Municipality Highland (UK)
Height [m] 796
Primary factor [m] 491
Approx. point 30 V 369967 6311035 - located west, in the saddle between Beinn Bhan and Meall a' Phubuill.
Secondary factor [km] 8.6
Approx. point 30 V 376221 6319476 - located north, on the south slopes of Geal Charn.




  UTM: 30 V 374810 6310948
    Lat/Lon: N5655'30.9" W503'24.7"
Description Beinn Bhan is a small massif with a large horse shoe shaped summit plateau, located north of Fort William on the Scottish west coast. The summit views includes excellent views of Ben Nevis.
Main photo  Beinn Bhan seen from Meall an t-Suidhe.
Routes Beinn Bhan counter clock-wise from Inverskilavulin
Panorama 60 south view annotated (30.04.2012)

South-west view annotated (30.04.2012)

Visits 30.04.2012