Ben Chonzie


Alt. names  
Municipality Perth and Kinross (UK)
Height [m] 931
Primary factor [m] 643
Fixed point 288m at 30 V 417666 6253501 - located to the west, just south of Lochan Lairig Cheile.
Secondary factor [km] 16.2
Approx. point 30 V 428814 6269771 - located to the north-west, on the south-east slopes of Meall Greigh.




  UTM: 30 V 438851 6257041
    Lat/Lon: N5627'14.1" W359'31.7"
Description Ben Chonzie is ranked as Munro #250, and is a big rounded mountain. There are no exciting features on this mountain, but there are nice views from the summit, and the easy hike through the trade route is a fine outing.
Main photo  Ben Chonzie seen from Ben Vorlich.
Routes Ben Chonzie from Invergeldie
Panorama 90 north-east view annotated (27.04.2012)

90 south-east view annotated (27.04.2012)

90 south-west view annotated (27.04.2012)

90 north-west view annotated (27.04.2012)

Visits 27.04.2012