Ben Lomond


Alt. names  
Municipality Stirling (UK)
Height [m] 974
Primary factor [m] 819
Approx. point 30 V 401497 6235491 - located to the north/north-east, between the lakes Loch Arklet and Loch Katrine.
Secondary factor [km] 12.3
Approx. point 30 V 387602 6233796 - located to the north-west, on the south-east slopes of Beinn Ime.




  UTM: 30 V 398655 6228463
    Lat/Lon: N5611'25.2" W437'59.1"
Description Ben Lomond is the southern-most of all the Munros, and is ranked as Munro #184. And it's definitely one of the most popular, being located closest to Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. Adding to this it's a fine hike, and the views from the summit on a nice day are stunning.
Main photo  Ben Lomond seen from south-west, from road A82.
Routes Ben Lomond counter clock-wise from Rowardennan
Panorama 90 north-east view annotated (29.04.2012)

90 south-east view annotated (29.04.2012)

90 south-west view annotated (29.04.2012)

90 north-west view annotated (29.04.2012)

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