Cairn Gorm


Alt. names  
Municipality Highland / Moray (UK)
Height [m] 1245
Primary factor [m] 146
Secondary factor [km] 4.4 (point 30 V 459624 6326353, located to the south, north of Ben Macdui)
Location   30 V 460985 6330537

Cairn Gorm is the highest point of the Cairngorm ski resort. There is a funicular and a number of ski lifts on its north and west slopes. Cairn Gorm is #6 on the Munro list.

Main photo   Cairn Gorm seen from north-west, above the ski centre.
Routes Cairn Gorm and Cairn Lochan from Cairngorm ski centre, CW
Panorama 360 (08.05.2008)
Visits 08.05.2008