Alt. names  
Municipality Stranda (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 1514
Primary factor [m] 730
Secondary factor [km] 5.1 (point 32 V 399716 6895450, located to the east, a few metres west of Tretindanibba summit)
Location   32 V 394676 6896413

Flosteinnibba is the highest of the mountains east of Strandadalen valley and west of Sunnylvsfjorden, and offers an excellent view to a large area of mountains, as well as down towards Sunnylvsfjorden.

Main photo  Flosteinnibba summit cairn seen from summit plateau.
Routes Flosteinnibba from Røyr in Strandadalen, return same way
Visits 03.08.2007