Fremste Synnalandsheia


Alt. names  
Municipality Haram (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 455
Primary factor [m] 87
Secondary factor [km] 0.6 (point 32 V 366395 6941171, located south-west, on the east wall of Hildrehesten)
Location   32 V 366890 6941445

Fremste Synnalandsheia is an easily accessible mountain from Brattvåg. However, the summit isn't often visited, since the main path across this mountain doesn't actually pass the high-point.
From Fremste Synnalandsheia one has a nice view towards the dominating Hildrehesten to the west, and across to Hellandshornet, Storfjellet and Urfjellet on the other side of Samfjorden.

Main photo   Fremste Synnalandsheia seen from Heimste Synnalandsheia.
Routes Heimste- and Fremste Synnalandsheia from Fjellbu, via Synnalandshornet and Ryssdalen
Panorama 360° (05.09.2008)
Visits Many.