Alt. names  
Municipality Skodje / Vestnes (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 807
Primary factor [m] 364
Secondary factor [km] 2.9 (point 32 V 387638 6941098, located north-west, practically on the summit of Melen)
Location   32 V 388927 6938457

Frostadtinden is a popular mountain for skiing, accessible both from east and west. Some maps show its summit to be located on the point where the Haram, Skodje and Vestnes municipalities meet, but according to the Økonomisk Kartverk maps the summit is located on the Skodje-Vestnes border.

Main photo   Frostadtinden seen from Middagsfjellet.
Routes Frostadtinden from Storsætra
Frostadtinden from Storsætra (ski)
Frostadtinden roundtrip CCW from Reset (ski)
Panorama 360° (11.04.2008)
Visits 27.01.2008 + more