Alt. names  
Municipality Hareid (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 569
Primary factor [m] 56
Secondary factor [km] 0.8 (point 32 V 343480 6923658, located south-west, on the east ridge of Signalhornet)
Location   32 V 344134 6924125

Grøthornet is a bit atypical for the mountains and hills in the area, being much less grass clad than its neighbours. From its summit you have a great view towards Ålesund.

Main photo   Grøthornet seen from Signalhornet.
Routes Sneldelida, Signalhornet, Skolma, Grøthornet from Haugen
Panorama 360° (28.08.2008)
Visits 28.08.2008