Alt. names  
Municipality Bergen / Samnanger (Hordaland, Norway)
Height [m] 987
Primary factor [m] 714
Secondary factor [km] 14.4 (32 V 325492 6693904, located to the east/south-east, on the western slopes of Jarlandsfjellet).
Location   32 V 312106 6699431

Gullfjelltoppen is the highest point in Bergen municipality, and the highest point on the Gullfjellet massif. The mountain is frequently visited both summer and winter through a number of different routes.

Main photo   Gullfjelltoppen (background) seen from lake Svartavatnet.
Routes Gullfjelltoppen from Osavatnet, via Redningshytten & Tjørnane
Panorama 360° (07.06.2008)
Visits 07.06.2008