Alt. names  
Municipality Haram (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 477
Primary factor [m] 14
Secondary factor [km] 0.2 (point 32 V 368671 6938754, located to the south, on the north ridge of Skulstadhornet)
Location   32 V 368659 6938944

Håvikhornet is a small top on the south-north ridge that runs from Gjerset to Brattvåg. Håvikhornet is frequently visited from the Brattvåg side, and hence deserves its own page on haramfjell.com, despite its modest primary and secondary factors.
There is a Brattvåg IL registration book at the summit, and each registration is worth four points.

Main photo  Håvikhornet seen from Samhjarte.
Routes Skulstadhornet from Fjellbu (ski)
Skulstadhornet from Fjellbu, return via Håvikdemma
Panorama 360° (30.10.2008)
Visits 24.05.2008