Alt. names Haugavarden
Municipality Bergen (Hordaland, Norway)
Height [m] 674
Primary factor [m] 591
Secondary factor [km] 4.3 (point 32 V 305247 6695148, located to the south-east, on the north ridge of Livarden)
Location   32 V 302617 6698580

Hauggjelsvarden is the highest point of the massif that has Ulriken as its most dominating mountain when seen from Bergen. The mountain consists of two tops with approximately the same altitude, ~130 metres apart.

Main photo  Hauggjelsvarden (in foreground) seen from Ulriken.
Routes Hauggjelsvarden from Montana, via Ulriken and Turnerhytten
Panorama 360 (16.09.2008)
Visits 16.09.2008