Alt. names Sasso della Croce / Monte Cavallo
Municipality/District South Tirol (Italy)
Height [m] 2907
Primary factor [m] 62
Secondary factor [km] 0.6 (point 32 T 726339 5167123, located to the north, on the ridge between Heiligkreuzkofel and Zehnerspitze)
Location 32 T 726021 5166571

Heiligkreuzkofel is located in the natural reserve Naturpark Fanes-Sennes-Prags, and is part of the Kreuzkofel Gruppe.
The mountain has a lot of climbing routes up its almost 1000 metres west wall.

Main photo   Heiligkreuzkofel seen from Schutzhaus Heiligkreuz, at the foot of its west wall.
Routes Heiligkreuzkofel and Zehnerspitze from St Leonhard
Visits 17.07.2008