Alt. names  
Municipality Haram (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 737
Primary factor [m] 84
Secondary factor [km] 1.9 (point 32 V 366334 6939503, located to the south, a few metres north of Hildrehesten summit)
Location   32 V 366047 6941384

Hestehaudet (meaning "head of the horse") is the northern point on the long flat ridge called Hildrehesten. The highest point on this "animal" is the southern point, 740 metres high.

Main photo   Hestehaudet seen from north shore of lake Hestevatnet.
Routes Hestehaudet from Fjellbu via Synnalandshornet, return Fremste Synnalandsheia
Panorama 360° (05.09.2008)
Visits 10.04.1998