Alt. names Næremstindan vest
Municipality Vestnes / Ørskog (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 1163
Primary factor [m] 133
Secondary factor [km] 1.4 (point 32 V 398549 6931312, located to the north-east, practically on the summit of Næremstindan)
Location   32 V 397319 6930680

Høgsvora is frequently visited both summer and winter, and offers fine views to a large portion of the Sunnmøre mountains. Its south ridge is relatively narrow, and some care should be shown during winter.

Main photo  Høgsvora seen from Lebergsfjellet.
Routes Høgsvora ascent along south ridge, descent normal route (ski)
Visits 31.12.2007