Alt. names  
Municipality Volda (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 652
Primary factor [m] 200
Secondary factor [km] 3.3 (point 32 V 351176 6889935, located to the south-east, ~200 metres west of Hornet summit)
Location   32 V 348467 6892262

Rotsethornet is the Volda "town mountain", and is frequently visited by the locals, but the highest point on this mountain is Instehornet, located some 300 metres south-east of Rotsethornet.

Main photo  Rotsethornet seen from north. Instehornet summit is 300 metres behind Rotsethornet.
Routes Rotsethornet from Rotevatnet, ascending from south-east
Visits 20.10.2007