Alt. names Litjehønnjet, Høgekeipen
Municipality Sykkylven (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 1198 (the correctness of this altitude is debateable; on all maps there is a 1200 metres contour, but the maps show the height to be 1198 metres)
Primary factor [m] 128
Secondary factor 0.5 (point 32 V 372283 6911654, located to the south/south-east, on the north wall of Trollkyrkjetindane)
Location 32 V 372072 6912154

Itljehønnjet is not very frequently visited, but is a fine top offering some degree of scrambling.

Main photo  Itljehønnjet seen from Straumsdalen.
Routes Itljehønnjet from Straumgjerde
Visits 10.08.2007