La Capilla


Alt. names Sierra de Salinas
Municipality Alicante (Valencia, Spain) / Murcia (Spain)
Height [m] 1238
Primary factor [m] 605
Fixed point 633m at 30 S 669260 4257780 - located south-west, just east of road Cv-836.
Secondary factor [km] 13.1
Approx. point 30 S 662140 4255871 - located south-west, on the north-east slopes of Carche.




  UTM: 30 S 673213 4262801
    Lat/Lon: N3829'48.3" W100'49.5"
Description La Capilla is a relatively long mountain range located south-west to north-east, with its summit on the Alicante-Murcia municipality border.
A service road takes you high up on the mountain, enabling you to get to a fine view point with a relatively modest effort.
Main photo  La Capilla seen from south.
Routes La Capilla from service road
Panorama 90 north-east view annotated (07.05.2012)

90 south-east view annotated (07.05.2012)

90 south-west view annotated (07.05.2012)

90 north-west view annotated (07.05.2012)

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