Alt. names  
Municipality Haram (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 447
Primary factor [m] 34
Secondary factor [km] 0.6 (point 32 V 378887 6944931, located to the south, a few metres north of Hellenakken)
Location   32 V 378882 6945579

Langsetnakken is located at the north end of the peninsula sticking out into Vatnefjorden. From the summit you have a nice view towards the sea and the islands.
The top is probably not often visited, based on the vague path.

Main photo  Langsetnakken (right) seen from Urfjellet in Vestnes.
Routes Hellenakken and Langsetnakken from Orvik
Visits 02.09.2007