Alt. names  
Municipality Ørskog (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 628
Primary factor [m] 295
Secondary factor [km] 2.4 (point 32 V 392368 6931923, located to the south-east, on the north-west wall of Giskemonibba)
Location   32 V 390487 6933477

Lebergsfjellet is located north-west of road E39, in the western part of Ørskogfjellet. The summit has a large telecomm installation, including a big mast.

Main photo  Lebergsfjellet seen from Nysætra.
Routes Lebergsfjellet from Nysætra (ski)
Panorama 360° (04.01.2009)

90° of Sykkylven mountains annotated (04.01.2009)

Visits 04.01.2009