Alt. names Storevarden
Municipality Os (Hordaland, Norway)
Height [m] 261
This is an estimated height; the maps shows the highest point as 259 metres, located at the trigonometric point at Storevarden. But it is visually clear that this is not the highest point, and in addition to this the 1:5000 maps shows a 260 metres contour. Based on personal observations, relative GPS measurements, and map interpretations these pages assumes the height to be 261 metres.
Primary factor [m] 202
Approx. point 32 V 301570 6678109 - located to the north-west, in the saddle between Liafjellet and Ulvenfjellet, close to the small airport.
Secondary factor [km] 2.3
Approx. point 32 V 300955 6678419 - located to the north-west, on the south slopes of Ulvenfjellet.




  UTM: 32 V 302274 6676583
    Lat/Lon: N6010'41.1" E526'05.2"

Liafjellet is a forest hill located outside Os, south of Bergen. There are several routes leading to the big cairn located a few tens of metres west of the summit, and these routes are very popular amongst the locals. There is a registration book next to the cairn.

Main photo  Liafjellet seen from Haugland.
Routes Liafjellet from Mobergslia
Panorama 200 south-west view annotated (23.06.2010)

115 south view annotated (03.03.2010)

Visits 23.06.2010 - 03.03.2010