Alt. names  
Municipality Bergen (Hordaland, Norway)
Height [m] 396
Primary factor [m] 348
Secondary factor [km] 4.3 (point 32 V 296798 6697272, located on the western slopes of Løvstakken).
Location   32 V 292832 6698963

Lyderhorn is one of the proper mountains surrounding Bergen and is easily accessible. From the summit one has excellent views.

Main photo   Lyderhorn seen from the air (flight from Bergen to Ålesund)
Routes Lyderhorn from Krabbedalen, return same way
Panorama 360° (06.06.2008)

Loddefjord from Lyderhorn (06.06.2008)

Bergen from Lyderhorn (06.06.2008)

Visits 06.06.2008