Alt. names Fiksdalshornet
Municipality Vestnes (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 807
Primary factor [m] 499
Secondary factor [km] 3.4 (point 32 V 384284 6941847, located to the west, on the wide ridge south-east of Blåskjerdingen).
Location   32 V 387638 6941098

Melen is a very interesting mountain; from south it looks like any "ordinary" mountain, with a wide ridge. From north it looks almost inaccessible, with its very narrow north ridge. However, the north ridge is very doable, as long as one has a head for heights and don't mind exposure.
For first-timers it is best to ascend the south ridge, and then scramble along the north ridge as far as one feels comfortable; there is no problem turning around at any point.

Main photo  Melen seen from Fiksdal.
Routes Melen from Reset, return same way
Oterfjellet and Melen from Reset
Visits 25.12.2007