Alt. names  
Municipality Vestnes (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 1164
Note that the highest point is not located where the maps show, but 185 metres further north-east along the ridge.
Primary factor [m] 625
Fixed point 539 at 32 V 400002 6934937 - located to the north, east of lake Jutevatnet. The parent mountain is Sprovstinden.
Secondary factor [km] 3.8
Approx. point 32 V 401035 6928379 - located to the south-east, on the north ridge of Kvitnyken.




  UTM: 32 V 398717 6931393
    Lat/Lon: N62°29'59.0" E7°02'01.6"

Næremstindan has a long narrow ridge going south-west to north-east, making the summit area fairly exposed, but the ridge is wide enough for most people to comfortably walk the south-western part of it. The ridge north-east of the summit is more challenging.
From the summit you will have first class views in almost all directions.

Main photo  Næremstindan seen from Kjersemsetra.
Routes Næremstindan from Kjersemdalen
Panorama 360° annotated (05.08.2010)

100° south-east annotated (05.08.2010)

50° south-west annotated (05.08.2010)

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