Nordre Kolsås


Alt. names  
Municipality Bærum (Akershus, Norway)
Height [m] 379
Primary factor [m] 170
Secondary factor [km] 3.4 (point 32 V 581926 6646180, located to the north-west, south-east of Haugskollen summit)
Location   32 V 584899 6644493

Kolsåstoppen (the Kolsås top) consists of two tops; the southern (Søndre Kolsås) and northern (Nordre Kolsås). The southern is the lowest, the most frequently visited, and offers the best views of Oslo. Nordre Kolsås is the only proper mountain of the two.
Søndre Kolsås is a popular mountain for climbing.
The whole area is also very interesting when it comes to geology; amongst others it is one of only three places on earth where one can find rhombus porphyry.

Main photo   Nordre Kolsås seen from Skui (west).
Routes Nordre Kolsås from Kolsås
Panorama 360° (07.09.2008)

90° view of Bærum from Søndre Kolsås (07.09.2008)

Visits 07.09.2008