Nui Tao Phung


Alt. names  
Municipality Vung Tau (Vietnam)
Height [m] 136
Primary factor [m] 71
Approx. point 48 P 727979 1142541 - located north-west, in the saddle between Nui Tao Phung and Nui Nho.
Secondary factor [km] 0.9
Approx. point 48 P 727587 1142936 - located north-west, on the south-west slopes of Nui Nho.




  UTM: 48 P 728254 1142277
    Lat/Lon: N1019'36.1" E10705'03.8"
Description Nui Tao Phung is a small top located close to the southern shores of the island where the city Vung Tau is located, south-east of Saigon.
The most characteristic feature of this mountain is the 32 metres high Jesus statue at its summit, which was built by the Catholic Association in 1974 and completed in 1993.
Main photo  Nui Tao Phung seen from south.
Routes Nui Tao Phung & Nui Lon from Vung Tau ferry port
Visits 18.06.2012