Penyal de Ifac


Alt. names Penon de Ifach
Municipality Alicante (Valencia, Spain)
Height [m] 326
Primary factor [m] 321 (approx. point 31 S 245135 4281657 - located to the north, somewhere north-east of the shallow lake in Calpe)
Secondary factor [km] 4.7 (point 31 S 240964 4281922 - located to the west, on the south-east slopes of Serra de Olta)




  UTM: 31 S 245347 4280331
    Lat/Lon: N3838'05.9" E004'27.9"
Description Penyal de Ifac used to be a pirate hiding place, but has since become a natural reserve. These days the mountain is visited by hundreds of tourists almost every day.
The mountain offers a number of climbing routes, in particular the south and north walls, but can also be hiked via one route.
The views from the summit are splendid.
Main photo  Penyal de Ifac seen from north.
Routes Penyal de Ifac from Calpe
Panorama 180 north-west (21.05.2009)
Visits 21.05.2009