Pla de la Casa


Alt. names  
Municipality Alicante (Valencia, Spain)
Height [m] 1387
Primary factor [m] 422
Approx. point 30 S 734901 4286651 - located to the south-west, along road CV-70.
Secondary factor [km] 6.8
Approx. point 30 S 735806 4282129 - located to the south, on the north slopes of Aitana's west ridge.




  UTM: 30 S 736953 4288848
    Lat/Lon: N3842'59.6" W016'28.7"

Pla de la Casa is the highest point on a relatively alpine ridge called Cordillera de la Serrella, located north of the Aitana ridge, and north-west of the tourist resort Benidorm.
The mountain contains a number of interesting features, including the cave Cova de Bernat, the deep snow well located on the plain just below the summit, and the many steep walls surrounding the summit..

Main photo  Pla de la Casa seen from Guadalest.
Routes Pla de la Casa from Fageca
Panorama 360 view annotated (11.05.2010)
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