Puy de Sancy


Alt. names  
Municipality Auvergne (France)
Height [m] 1885
Primary factor [m] 1578
Approx. point 32 T 358723 5276977- located north-east, around Dannemarie.
Secondary factor [km] 222.1
Approx. point 31 T 699209 4983380 - located east/south-east, a little north of Pas Ernadant.




  UTM: 31 T 485475 5041650
    Lat/Lon: N4531'41.6" E248'50.4"
Description Puy de Sancy is the highest point on the horse-shoe shaped massif south of the village Mont Dore, and is the highest mountain in France outside the Alps and the Pyrenees. There are many routes to the summit, including a cable car. The mountain is also host to a ski-centre, making the area very popular both summer and winter.
Main photo  Puy de Sancy seen from Puy Gros.
Routes Puy de Sancy and Puy de l'Angle from ski-centre to Mont Dore

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