Alt. names  
Municipality Sykkylven / Ørsta (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 1586
Primary factor [m] 776
Secondary factor [km] 11.7 (point 32 V 381982 6898542, located south-east, on the north-west wall of Store Smørskredtind)
Location   32 V 374100 6907163

Råna is the highest mountain in Sykkylven, and the mountain has given name to the peninsula between the fjords Hjørundfjorden and Sykkylvsfjorden; the Råna peninsula.
The characteristic Råna plateau leads up to the summit from south.

Main photo   Råna seen from Hundatinden.
Routes Råna and Midtre Regndalstind from Urke
Visits 15.09.2006