Alt. names Roaldshorn, Roalden
Municipality Stranda / Sykkylven (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 1230
Primary factor [m] 697
Secondary factor [km] 6.0 (point 32 V 384574 6905851, located to the south-west, on the north ridge of Tinden)
Location   32 V 388001 6910780

Roaldshornet is located west of Stranda centre, and is the high point of the northern part of the Strandafjellet ski slopes. The mountain can be ascended through a number of routes, of which the easiest is by means of the ski lifts (winter and summer). This will bring you almost to the top.
From the summit there are superb views to a huge area of mountains, and also to the Storfjorden fjord.

Main photo    Roaldshornet seen from Sætrefjellet
Routes Roaldshornet from Drabløsskogen, via Kleivdalsfjellet, Blåfjellet and Trollvardegga (ski)
Panorama 360° (15.03.2008)

90° north-east annotated (14.03.2009)

Visits 05.08.2005