Alt. names  
Municipality Volda (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 649
Primary factor [m] 26
Secondary factor [km] 0.3 (point 32 V 348740 6892129, located south-east, a few metres west of Instehornet summit)
Location   32 V 348467 6892262

Rotsethornet is the Volda "town mountain", and is frequently visited by the locals.
300 metres south-east of Rotsethornet you will find Instehornet (653 metres), but since its summit cannot be seen from Volda centre the locals regard Rotsethornet as the mountain.

Main photo  Rotsethornet seen from north, by Volda secondary school.
Routes Rotsethornet from Rotevatnet, ascending from south-east
Visits 20.10.2007