Alt. names Tinden, Samhjartet
Municipality Haram (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 437
Primary factor [m] 124
Secondary factor [km] 0.7 (point 32 V 366790 6938918, located to the west, on the east slopes of Hildrehesten).
Location   32 V 367454 6938982

Samhjarte is not a very frequently visited Haram mountain, but it is a fine mountain, both to hike and to look at. Although the mountain isn't very high it can be seen from far away if viewed from the right angle; its characteristic cone shape can e.g. be seen from Sula.
There are several routes up to the top, but the most frequently used route is the one going up from lake Urkedalsvatnet on the south. Other routes includes the ones from east and west.
Samhjarte is part of the Brattvåg IL point collecting competition, and a registration here is worth 4 points.

Main photo   Samhjarte seen from north end of lake Synnalandsvatnet.
Routes Samhjarte from Fjellbu, going up from east
Samhjarte from Fjellbu, up-east down-south, return Synnalandsvatnet-west
Samhjarte from Fjellbu, up Tinderåsa down east
Panorama 360° (21.09.2008)

360° annotated

Visits 25.04.2003