Serra D' Algaiat


Alt. names  
Municipality Alicante (Valencia, Spain)
Height [m] 1085
Primary factor [m] 480
Approx. point 30 S 673711 4253640 - located to the north, along road CV83 east of the village Pinoso.
Secondary factor [km] 17.7
Approx. point 30 S 663599 4255504 - located to the north-west, on the east ridge of Carche.




  UTM: 30 S 677297 4244288
    Lat/Lon: N3819'45.1" W058'17.8"

Serra D' Algaiat is the highest point on a ridge located approximately 40 km west of Alicante. The summit is located at the west end of this ridge. This ridge also has a second top, located further east; Penya de la Mina.
From the summit of Serra D' Algaiat you will have some fine views of the mountains west of Alicante.

Main photo  Serra D' Algaiat seen from north.
Routes Serra D' Algaiat from Umbria De Algayat
Panorama 360 view annotated (17.05.2010)
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