Alt. names Setrefjellet
Municipality Sykkylven (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 877
Primary factor [m] 167
Secondary factor [km] 1.1 (point 32 V 381792 6914447, located west/south-west, on the east wall of Langfjella)
Location   32 V 382827 6914809

Sætrefjellet is very frequently visited, thanks to it being the high point of the Sunnmørsalpane ski centre's upper lift. Its summit is a small plateau with three small tops, where the northern point probably is the highest.
The official altitude of 877 metres is likely to be a few metres lower than the actual height.

Main photo   Sætrefjellet seen from south-east
Routes Revsdalshornet from Tuvdalen to ski-centre
Sætrefjellet via ski-slopes
Sætrefjellet from alpine centre via south ridge (ski)
Panorama 360° annotated (03.04.2010)

360° (11.10.2008)

Visits 11.02.2008