Alt. names  
Municipality Gloppen (Sogn & Fjordane, Norway)
Height [m] 1073
The maps use the height 1069 metres for Skavegga, but this point is clearly not the highest point on the summit plateau. These pages uses the height 1073 metres, based on personal observations and GPS readings.
Primary factor [m] 252
Fixed point 821 metres at 32 V 373491 6851210 - located to the east, in the saddle between Skavegga and Nuken.
Secondary factor [km] 1.9
Approx. point 32 V 374129 6851298 - located to the east, on the west slopes of Nuken.




  UTM: 32 V 372237 6850946
    Lat/Lon: N6146'12.3" E634'42.8"

Skavegga is located between Myklebustbreen glacier (one of several arms off Jostedalsbreen) and road 60 across Utvikfjellet pass.
The cairn and trigonometric point is located approximately 200 metres north-west of the highest point, on the municipality border between Gloppen and Stryn.

Main photo  Skavegga seen from top of ski-lift at Utvikfjellet.
Routes Skavegga from Utvikfjellet (ski)
Panorama 360 annotated (19.04.2010)
Visits 19.04.2010