Alt. names  
Municipality Haram (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 487
Primary factor [m] 258
Fixed point 32 V 369638 6937048 at 229m - located south/south-east, in Djupeskaret.
Secondary factor [km] 2.0
Approx. point 32 V 366718 6939006, located west, on the east slopes of Hildrehesten.




  UTM: 32 V 368675 6938689
Lat/Lon: N62°33'20.6" E6°26'44.1"

Skulstadhornet is the highest point on the north-south ridge that stretches from Brattvåg to Grytastranda. Compared to other mountains easily accessible from Brattvåg it is not frequently visited, even though the access from both north and south is on fine paths in the open, offering nice views to both sea and mountains. There is no cairn at the summit, only a small pile of stones.
IL Norborg, the Grytastranda/Søvik sports club, has Skulstadhornet as one of its mountains where points can be collected for the annual point collecting game.

Main photo  Skulstadhornet seen from Samhjarte.
Routes Skulstadhornet from Fjellbu (ski)
Skulstadhornet from Fjellbu, return via Håvikdemma
Panorama 360° (24.04.2008)

45° east/south-east view annotated (10.03.2013)

45° south/south-east view annotated (10.03.2013)

70° south/south-west view annotated (10.03.2013)

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