Alt. names  
Municipality Slogen (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 1564
Primary factor [m] 554
Secondary factor [km] 2.9 (point 32 V 380664 6901840, located north-east, a few metres south-west of Brekketindane summit)
Location   32 V 378964 6899539

Slogen is known as The Queen amongst the Sunnmøre mountains (Kolåstinden is The King), and is visited by many hikers every year.
There are several routes that lead to Slogen's summit and none of them are difficult, but some routes are hard in terms of the number of vertical metres you have to ascend.

Main photo   Slogen seen from Store Smørskredtind.
Routes Slogen from Liasætra
Panorama 360° (24.08.2002, poor quality)
Visits 24.08.2002