Alt. names Snellelia
Municipality Hareid / Ulstein (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 633
Primary factor [m] 104
Secondary factor [km] 2.0 (point 32 V 342791 6924479, located north/north-east, just south of Skolma summit)
Location   32 V 341823 6922778

Sneldelida is one of many grass clad rounded tops on the Hareidlandet island, and is the 6th highest mountain on the island. There is a registration book at the summit.

Main photo   Sneldelida seen from Signalhornet.
Routes Sneldelida, Signalhornet, Skolma, Grøthornet from Haugen
Panorama 360° (28.08.2008)
Visits 28.08.2008