Sommet de Lure


Alt. names  
Municipality Provence (France)
Height [m] 1826
Primary factor [m] 973
Fixed point 853 metres at 31 T 705440 4914777 - located to the north-west, along road D949.
Secondary factor [km] 29.5
Approx. point 32 T 268987 4906409 - located to the north-east, on the south-west slopes of Montagne de Jouere.




  UTM: 31 T 724256 4889341
    Lat/Lon: N4407'22.4" E548'10.3"

Sommet de Lure is a prominent mountain ridge in the Provence area, and can be accessed by car. But the views towards north do indeed justify walking the length of the ridge from Pas de la Graille to the summit.
Unfortunately the summit is polluted by telecomm masts.

Main photo  Sommet de Lure seen from north-east.
Routes Sommet de Lure from Pas de la Graille
Panorama 45 west-north-west view annotated (09.10.2011)

45 north-north-west view annotated (09.10.2011)

45 north-north-east view annotated (09.10.2011)

45 east-north-east view annotated (09.10.2011)

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