Store Smørskredtind


Alt. names  
Municipality Ørsta (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 1631
Primary factor [m] 1306
Secondary factor [km] 11.4 (point 32 V 379888 6887301 - located to the south, north of Kvitegga)
Location   32 V 382011 6898503

Store Smørskredtind consists of two tops of almost equal height, but it is the southern top that is the summit. The mountain is the second highest in Sunnmørsalpane, and is well worth visiting, both for the views and the hike itself. There are no easy routes to the summit, but most fit people will make it to the summit of this mountain.

Main photo  Store Smørskredtind seen from Kolåstinden.
Routes Store Smørskredtind from Strandamolskreddalen
Visits 17.09.2006