Alt. names  
Municipality Stordal / Sykkylven (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 805
Primary factor [m] 83
Secondary factor 0.9 km (point 32 V 387735 6919984, located to the north, on the south slopes of Sjurlihornet)
Location   32 V 387869 6919067

Storheirøra sits on the Stordal-Sykkylven municipality border in the north-eastern corner of Sykkylven.

Main photo   Storheirøra seen from south shore of lake Nysetervatnet.
Routes Fausateighornet, Storheirøra, Sjurlihornet from Fausaskiftet, return
Panorama 360° (14.06.2008)
Visits 14.06.2008 - 13.10.2007