Alt. names  
Municipality Sykkylven (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 985 (the height 976 shown on maps is not the highest point of Straumshornet but a point further north)
Primary factor [m] 130
Secondary factor [km] 0.5 (point 32 V 376908 6913050, located south/south-east, on the north ridge of Dravlausnyken)
Location   32 V 376657 6913464

Straumshornet is an impressive mountain to look at, and seems a difficult mountain to ascend when viewed from below. But there are a couple of routes leading to the summit that doesn't require any kind of climbing or scrambling.

Main photo   Straumshornet seen from north.
Routes Straumshornet up along north ridge
Panorama 360° (10.10.2008)
Visits 04.07.2007