Alt. names  
Municipality Ålesund (Møre & Romsdal, Norway)
Height [m] 314
Primary factor [m] 314
Secondary factor [km] 2.9 (point 32 V 349241 6926074, located to the south/south-west, on the north-west end of Sula, close to "Sulamannen")
Location   32 V 350416 6928720

Sukkertoppen is the high point on the island Hessa, one of the islands on which the town of Ålesund is built on. Sukkertoppen is a very popular mountain to hike and also offers good scrambling and climbing routes.

Main photo  Sukkertoppen seen from Storhornet at Godøya.
Routes Sukkertoppen traverse from Trollråsa
Visits 12.09.2007